Customer Stories
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"With the Turns scheduling platform, I now have the best converting online platform!"

I first met the Turns team in 2021 when I was looking for some new ways to grow my business. At that point, my primary growth channel was my website and I had used most of the POS and business management tools out there for cleaners. However, none of them were really meeting my needs. Their scheduling forms were poorly designed and didn't have great conversion rates.

That's when I discovered Turns—a scheduling platform that was very well-designed and user-friendly. Turns even helped customize their platform for Laundry licious ! And they are open to suggestions and feedback from day one, which makes working with them so much easier.

Turns also supports a dedicated driver app and a complete integrated POS system, which is what we'll be implementing into our business next. We're hoping to go all the way with this team :)