Elevate Your Laundromat Business with PayRange Management System

Upgrade your laundromat with PayRange's advanced payment system. Offering seamless and secure transactions, it supports card and mobile wallet payments, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Embrace the future of laundry management with PayRange

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PayRange Management system for Laundromat and Cleaners

Change prices on vend remotely

  • Efficiently manage all your laundromat machines from a single centralized hub
  • Ensure seamless and trouble-free machine operations
  • Have the capability to change prices remotely, enhancing flexibility and responsiveness to market demands

One touch login to PayRange ecosystem

  • Benefit from a seamless login experience through PayRange integration
  • Make it easy for customers to access and manage your machines
  • Track earnings from wash-dry and fold services
  • Enable hassle-free device registration for enhanced customer convenience

Get Paid for your Wash dry fold from PayRange

  • Enable exclusive PayRange payments for your laundromat's Wash-Dry-Fold (WDF) services
  • Ensure seamless and trouble-free machine operations
  • Offer customers a broader range of payment choices, enhancing their convenience
  • Tap into the existing PayRange customer base to bring in new revenue for your WDF services

Get access toĀ  millions of customersĀ  on PayRange app

  • Utilize the PayRange app to market your wash-dry-fold and Pick-Up & Delivery (PUD) services.
  • Gain access to PayRange's vast user base of 8 million strong users
  • Attract new customers instantly by reaching out to this extensive user network

Efficient Laundry Operations: Insights & Payments Simplified

  • Monitor machines in real-time to swiftly address any issues.
  • Real-time machine-level sales data helps quickly pinpoint problems.
  • Switch to mobile payments for easier, seamless money management.

Add funds to PayRange, make Money

  • Allow customers to add funds into their PayRange accounts directly from your system
  • Generate income with every deposit made by customers into their PayRange accounts

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