Branded Customer Apps for laundromat and Cleaners

Turns’s Branded Customer Apps for laundromats and cleaners boost engagement with a seamless platform for booking, tracking orders, and promotions. Customized for your brand, they enhance customer loyalty, streamline operations, and foster business growth

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Branded Apps for Modern Laundromats: Experience the Difference

Add a new channel of customer retention built for your customers by you with Turns

  • Elevate your laundromat and cleaners' presence with Turns' branded customer apps available on both IOS and Android platforms
  • Boost your visibility and accessibility among your customers with dedicated mobile apps
  • Offer a seamless experience for customers to schedule services, track orders, and receive updates through user-friendly apps
  • Customize the apps to reflect your brand identity, reinforcing your business's presence in the market
  • Foster stronger customer engagement and loyalty by providing convenient and interactive mobile solutions
  • Empower customers to conveniently access your services anytime, anywhere, driving customer satisfaction and retention

Branded for you and built for your customers, growth on search engines

  • Create a distinctive branded app tailored specifically for your laundromat and cleaners business
  • Elevate your business's image and recognition in the market through a customized app
  • Attract a younger and tech-savvy clientele by offering a modern and convenient app-based experience
  • Having an app can boost your online presence, potentially helping your business rank higher on search engines
  • Provide customers with instant access to your services and information with the tap of an app icon on their smartphones
  • Stand out from competitors by embracing technology and offering a unique branded app experience to your customers

Enhance Customer Loyalty by 20%

  • Develop a dedicated mobile app to strengthen connections with your customers
  • Incorporate a loyalty program into the app to incentivize and retain existing customers
  • The app facilitates improved customer engagement, allowing them to interact with your business effortlessly
  • Offer a personalized experience through the app, tailoring promotions and rewards based on customer behavior and preferences
  • A well-executed loyalty program encourages repeat business, fostering stronger customer retention
  • Stand out in the market by providing a comprehensive and customer-centric app experience

Seamless schedule deliveries  and payments

  • Increase your revenue by offering easy scheduling of deliveries and online payment options
  • Attract new customers and expand your customer base through convenient delivery scheduling
  • Improve customer satisfaction with hassle-free online scheduling and payment methods
  • Streamline delivery processes with online scheduling, reducing operational complexity
  • Deliver a seamless experience that delights customers, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty
  • By offering these conveniences, you can foster business growth and achieve a competitive advantage in the market

Sell subscriptions, memberships and get tips online

  • Offer subscription plans for your routes and memberships for wash-dry-fold programs
  • Enable customers to make payments conveniently online, enhancing the subscription and membership process
  • Allow customers to give tips to your drivers and attendants through the online payment system
  • Provide customers with seamless and hassle-free transactions, improving their overall experience
  • Generate additional revenue streams by selling subscriptions and memberships
  • Encourage tipping as a way for customers to show appreciation for your drivers and attendants

Data-Driven Marketing

  • Utilize customer data collected through your app
  • Implement targeted marketing strategies based on this data
  • Drive growth by reaching out to the right audience with tailored promotions and offers
  • Targeted marketing increases the likelihood of conversions and, in turn, profitability
  • Use app-based data to engage customers effectively and build lasting relationships
  • Leverage insights from customer data for informed marketing decisions, ensuring a competitive edge in the market

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