Customer Stories
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"They helped me open up a completely new channel of revenue with Doordash"

When we opened up our new laundromat, we were actively looking for a platform to provide the best experience for our customers and help us grow our new venture. We researched almost every POS on the market but were not able to find a single system that would help us. We also had to look out for a website developer to get started with our website. We also hooked up with a 3rd party marketing company to get new business.

Then I met Sukanth, Founder of Turns. He is an experienced business owner in the space in India and was working on unlocking this for laundromats and cleaners globally. So, we thought of giving them a chance. Turns have already helped us by launching our website and scheduling tool. They helped us try out Pickup and delivery with Doordash integration which has helped us open up a new channel of revenue directly. Also, the team is always there for me not just as a software partner but as a complete partner. They worked with me to grow my social media channels and also helped us move to their next-generation POS for our new attendants.

They are a great team that knows how to grow and manage the laundry business after working with laundry businesses across 10+ countries to become the operator's best friend.