June 29, 2023

Big News: Turns Partners with PayRange to Up the Laundry Game!

Hey everyone!

This is Sukanth Srivatsav, the guy behind Turns, your favorite software solution for laundromats and dry cleaners. We've been busy behind the scenes, and today, I have some exciting news that will have you feeling fresher than a load of newly dried laundry. Drumroll, please... Turns is teaming up with PayRange!

For those of you who might not know, PayRange is a big player in touchless mobile payments. They've revolutionized how we interact with unattended machines, with their technology being used in over 3,500 locations and more than 500,000 machines across North America. And here's a number for you – 6 million! That's how many people are already using the PayRange app for their everyday needs.

At Turns, our dream has always been to simplify and streamline the operations of laundromat businesses. To be that one magical tool that covers all the bases. Well, partnering with PayRange is a huge leap in making that dream come true.

With this collaboration, we're integrating PayRange's sleek payment technologies into our software. It's like adding a turbocharger to a sports car – we're taking something already great and making it even better. The best part? This makes Turns the default choice across the 4,000+ locations already enjoying the PayRange ecosystem.

But let's talk about the cherry on top. Our partnership with PayRange isn't just about enhancing operational efficiency; it's also about growth. With this collaboration, Turns partners get access to PayRange's whopping userbase of 6 million people. That's 6 million potential customers just waiting to be wooed by our partner laundromats.

Imagine the possibilities. Your laundromat, powered by Turns' comprehensive management software and boosted by PayRange's touchless payment system, could attract a significantly larger crowd. And let's not forget all the fancy features we offer, like DoorDash integration, AI-based marketing engine, next-gen mobile POS, and customizable website and mobile scheduling.

So, yeah, we're buzzing with excitement over here. Our innovative solutions, paired with PayRange's smooth payment technology, are going to reshape the laundromat industry. We're talking more convenience for consumers and more growth for operators.

And remember, this is just the start. We at Turns, along with our pals at PayRange, are just getting warmed up. Keep an eye out for more awesome updates!

Best Regards,

Sukanth Srivatsav
CEO, Turns