Retail Inventory Management system For Modern laundromats and cleaners

Turns Retail Inventory Management System simplifies inventory control for laundromats and cleaners, offering real-time tracking and analytics. Seamlessly integrated with payment methods and customer data, it enhances satisfaction and optimizes operations

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Stay Ahead of the Game with Our Retail Inventory Management Solution

Add new revenue by selling washing ancillaries over the counter

  • Sell over the counter with confidence, knowing that pilferage, theft, and stock management are well-taken care of
  • Seamlessly manage all your inventory items with ease
  • Accept payments securely through the system
  • Receive stock updates via text messages, keeping you informed at all times

Streamline retail inventory across single or multiple Locations

  • Simplify inventory control for single or multiple laundromat locations using Turns' comprehensive solution
  • Gain clear insights into the top items you sell, allowing you to make informed inventory decisions
  • Keep track of your inventory in real-time, ensuring you're always aware of stock levels
  • Monitor the stocks sold per shift, facilitating efficient stock replenishment and management

Manage Stock Levels and get updates

  • Keep track of stock levels in real-time to ensure availability when your customers need them
  • Ensure your stock numbers are updated regularly to maintain accurate records and avoid shortages
  • Meeting customer demands promptly by having the right items in stock enhances their satisfaction and loyalty
  • Real-time stock tracking contributes to efficient operations, reducing the risk of overstocking or understocking

Elevate Customer Experience

  • Avoid stockouts and delays to provide customers with a seamless and reliable service experience
  • Accept payments via card and PayRange for retail sales, offering convenient and diverse payment options to customers
  • Ensuring product availability and smooth transactions enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Efficient inventory management and payment processing contribute to streamlined operations and improved business efficiency

Cost Efficiency built at core

  • Utilize the system to reduce wastage by efficiently managing inventory levels
  • Avoid overstocking, ensuring resources are allocated optimally
  • Weed out theft and pilferage by monitoring inventory and transactions
  • Implementing these measures leads to significant cost savings for your business
  • By reducing waste and preventing theft, your laundromat can achieve improved profitability and financial performance

Data-Driven Insights

  • Leverage data analytics tools to analyze inventory data effectively
  • Make informed inventory decisions based on data-driven insights
  • Ensure you meet customer demands efficiently by using analytics to predict trends and stock accordingly
  • Keep your inventory optimized, reducing waste and improving customer satisfaction
  • Data-driven inventory management contributes to streamlined operations and improved efficiency

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Turns is the ultimate solution to help supercharge your business. Optimize inventory, eliminate
paperwork, improve customer experience, and save man hours.
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