Customer Stories
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"Turns POS Transforms Orchard Laundromat and Bridges Language Gaps!"

As the proud owner of Orchard Laundromat, I, Ruth Vergara, am thrilled to share my positive experience with Turns Laundromat POS System. When I first started, one of our major hurdles was the language barrier; many of my employees were not fully bilingual, and Spanish is my first language. Fortunately, Turns came to our rescue with its Spanish menu, simplifying tasks like receipt printing for my team.

Turns came to our rescue with its Spanish menu, simplifying tasks like receipt printing for my team.Our customers love the POS system too! The transition from handwritten to printed receipts was a significant upgrade, enhancing their overall experience. Plus, the automated text notifications informing customers when their orders are ready have been a game-changer, eliminating the need for manual calls.What really impresses me is Turns' customer support. Their team is incredibly helpful, and although no system is perfect, I’ve had no major issues in the months we've used it. Its user-friendly nature is something I’d definitely recommend to others.

Comparing Turns to other platforms, its simplicity stands out, making it easy for both customers and staff to use. A feature I particularly appreciate is its integration with Doordash, which is a lifesaver whenever our regular delivery person is unavailable.

As a female entrepreneur in this industry, I find Turns to be an invaluable partner. Its convenience, especially the ability to remotely access all laundromat stats from my office, makes managing my business a breeze.

In summary, Turns Laundromat POS System has been amazing for Orchard Laundromat. It's not just a system; it's a solution that bridges language barriers, delights customers, offers stellar support, and simplifies my business operations.