Turns Laundromat Software: Customized Solutions for Multi-Location Laundromats

Turns Laundromat Software integrates every facet of managing multi-location laundromats into a single, efficient platform, paving the way for streamlined operations, enhanced customer satisfaction, and accelerated business growth

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Turns Software: Streamlining Success for Multi-Location Laundromats

Single Platform Management

  • Turns provides a centralized platform for laundromat owners to manage all locations, consolidating various management aspects into one cohesive system
  • This streamlined approach enables easy access and control over multiple sites from a single point, simplifying the oversight process

Streamlined Management Tasks

  • Simplifies daily operations with efficient routine management tasks and financial tracking tools for easy monitoring and management at each branch
  • Supports flexible, unified payment options like PayRange for seamless transactions and facilitates consistent employee performance monitoring across sites

Enhanced Decision-Making

  • Accelerates decision-making with AI-driven insights, analyzing aggregated data for strategic choices, and consolidates information into a centralized data hub for easy access
  • Implements role-based software access, customizing permissions for managers, drivers, attendants, and other roles for efficient operation and data management

Real-Time Machine Monitoring and Inventory Management with Turns

  • Real-time machine monitoring across locations enhances operational efficiency, using data to optimize performance and reduce downtime
  • Streamlined inventory management maintains consistent levels, with informed stocking decisions based on sales trend analysis for smarter choices

Enhanced Digital Marketing and Engagement: Tailored Promotions and Instant Customer Updates

  • Integrated marketing tools enable sending customized announcements and location-specific promotions, tailored to each site's customer base for personalized engagement
  • A unified digital platform offers a cohesive experience with a custom branded app or website, coupled with real-time customer updates via text and email

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Turns is the ultimate solution to help supercharge your business. Optimize inventory, eliminate
paperwork, improve customer experience, and save man hours.
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