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"With the Turns scheduling platform, I now have the best converting online platform!"
I have been using multiple systems to manage my multi-location PUD business. With the Turns scheduling platform, I now have the best converting online platform, also the platform is built in such a way that I have been able to replace multiple further tools like Tookan, Point of Sale. Waiting for their next generation POS, I am sure it will be the best in class as all of their other products are built for Cleaners.
Marieke van der Graaf — CEO, Laundry Licious
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Benefits of Dry Cleaning Software or App for Dry Cleaners and Laundromat

Some of the best dry cleaning software for your business that is tailor-made for any best laundry app include smart laundry, quick dry-cleaning software, clean cloud system, clean wash, and TurnsApp.

Lessons From Our Clients For All Dry Cleaners Worldwide

COVID has been a new experience for most of us young drycleaners. Never have all scales of business faced a non cyclical and existential threat like this in past 100 years.

What are the Benefits of a Laundromat POS System?

A handy tool for the laundromats. Features that help businesses to grow on a whole another level.

How Can a Laundromat Service Provider Prosper in Their Work?

Laundromat is an essential part of the significant running industries across the World. The laundry service includes washing, ironing, dry cleaning and starching.