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Turns Laundromat Route Management Solution offers specialized tools for efficient delivery operations and improved customer satisfaction. Featuring real-time optimization, easy scheduling, and dynamic tracking, it ensures smoother operations and on-time deliveries for laundromats

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Route Management system for Laundromats and Cleaners

Starting routes to grow your customer base was never easier

  • Utilize an integrated AI/GPS-powered route management ecosystem to optimize your cleaners and laundry delivery routes
  • Leverage this technology to fuel the growth of your cleaning and laundry delivery business
  • Harness AI capabilities to improve route efficiency and customer service
  • Benefit from GPS precision to ensure accurate and timely deliveries

Route Planning with the help of AI

  • Streamline your delivery routes to achieve maximum efficiency and cost savings
  • Equip your drivers with dedicated hardware and apps powered by Turns to excel in their routes
  • Utilize AI-driven optimization to reduce inefficiencies and enhance route performance

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Ensure on-time and accurate deliveries, consistently delighting your customers
  • Stay informed with real-time route tracking, providing enhanced control and visibility over your delivery operations

Improved Communication and tracking

  • Turns Laundromat Route Management Solutions prioritize improved communication
  • The system offers real-time tracking capabilities
  • It facilitates better coordination among drivers, dispatchers, and customers
  • These features contribute to efficient deliveries and exceptional customer service

Data-Driven Insights to optimize cost

  • Turns Laundromat Route Management Solutions integrate data analytics
  • Leverage analytics to make informed decisions
  • Utilize data insights to continually enhance your laundromat's

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Turns is the ultimate solution to help supercharge your business. Optimize inventory, eliminate
paperwork, improve customer experience, and save man hours.
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