Doordash integration system for Laundromats and Cleaners

Turns’s DoorDash Integration System for Laundromats and Cleaners streamlines laundry services by connecting your business with DoorDash for efficient pickups and deliveries. This enhances customer convenience, expands reach, and boosts business efficiency, allowing customers to enjoy professional laundry services from their doorstep

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 Grow your business reach with Free integration with largest network of gig workers on demand

Unlock New territories and revenue

  • Effortlessly connect your laundromat and cleaners business with the DoorDash delivery network for streamlined service
  • Access a wider customer base by integrating with DoorDash, offering instant pickup and delivery options
  • Grow your business reach with an extended service radius of up to 20 miles, at no additional cost
  • Enhance customer convenience and expand your business with efficient, reliable delivery services

Enhanced Convenience for Customers

  • Focus on serving customers who prioritize convenience for their laundry needs
  • Offer immediate laundry services including washing, drying, and folding
  • Leverage a third-party delivery network to provide fast and efficient service
  • Charge for the convenience of these services, while ensuring high-quality laundry handling

Integrate  delivery into your process

  • Streamline the management of pickup and delivery requests using the integrated DoorDash network
  • Access real-time updates and details about driver information, pickup, and delivery timings
  • Keep track of driver performance and service quality to ensure optimal customer satisfaction
  • Have all necessary details like timings, pricing, and driver info deeply integrated into your operational processes

Grow customer happiness

  • Enhance delivery times by utilizing DoorDash's efficient and reliable network
  • Offer more value to your customers by subsidizing the delivery fees
  • Provide greater convenience with extended delivery timings from 8 AM to 8 PM
  • Utilize DoorDash's network to fulfill unexpected or last-minute delivery requests effectively

Boost Visibility and Sales

  • Boost your laundromat and cleaner's online presence by partnering with a well-known delivery service like DoorDash
  • Increase word of mouth referrals through reliable and efficient delivery services
  • Expand your customer base and sales by offering new, convenient delivery options
  • Provide exceptional service by combining your own delivery solutions with the DoorDash network to exceed customer expectations

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