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"They helped me open up a completely new channel of revenue with Doordash"
I connected with the Turns team after judging almost all of the current POS and tech platforms.I got online with my new website built by them integrated with Doordash and my POS . They helped me streamline my WDF and built a new revenue line with PUD and Doordash.
Mithun — CEO, The Washhouse
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Social Proof Key for Laundry Business Success

Get the most out of your laundry business with social proof. Increase customer engagement and loyalty with real-time reviews, ratings, and feedback. Discover how Social Proof can help you optimize your laundry business today.

How to Establish a Successful Commercial Laundry Business?

We’ll show you how to start and grow your commercial laundry business. From covering your legal requirements to managing the marketing, we’ll help make sure everything is in place for success. Want in on the latest tips and tricks to establish a successful commercial laundry business? Don’t miss out! #laundrybusiness

The Art of Managing Multiple Laundromats: Insights and Strategies

Successful laundromat owners have strategic insights and the right strategies to stay profitable and on top of their game.⁣⁣ Learn the art of managing multiple laundromats from experts with years of experience in the industry. With our help, you’ll have all the support you need to thrive.⁣⁣

2023 Sales Trends for Laundromat Businesses: What You Need to Know

In order to increase sales at a Laundromat business in 2023, several strategies can be implemented. Firstly, offering additional services such as dry cleaning or wash-and-fold services can attract more customers. Secondly, implementing a loyalty program or offering discounts for bulk purchases can encourage repeat business. Thirdly, incorporating technology such as online scheduling or payment options can improve convenience for customers. Lastly, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment with amenities like free Wi-Fi or vending machines can enhance the overall customer experience.