Customer Stories
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Mr. Jatin Bhatt- Owner, Top Wash (Mumbai)

1.     Rapid Expansion: Scaled from 1 to 3 outlets in 6 months; needed a system for scheduling, inventory, and communication.

2.     Customer Engagement: Essential to implement a system for updates, easy scheduling, and prepaid packages for loyalty.

3.     Tech Implementation: Choosing the right software to meet unique needs and support growth was critical.

4.     Staff Management: Needed efficient management and training for a growing workforce across locations.

5.     Customer Base & Logistics: Aimed to reach customers beyond immediate vicinity, requiring efficient logistics.

Solutions Implemented with Turns Laundromat Management Software

1.     Scalability and Efficient Multi-location Management: Turns offered a scalable platform that simplified the management of multiple outlets through a unified dashboard, ensuring consistent quality and operational efficiency across all locations, streamlining tasks like scheduling, inventory, and customer communications.

2.     Boosting Operational Productivity: By automating day-to-day tasks, Turns significantly improved productivity and service delivery, from inventory management to customer interactions, facilitating a smooth operation that responds swiftly to customer needs.

3.     Enhancing Customer Engagement and Retention: The introduction of real-time updates via WhatsApp, a user-friendly mobile app, and attractive prepaid packages through Turns significantly improved customer engagement, making services more accessible and enhancing loyalty.

4.     Strategic Technology Selection and Staff Empowerment: The decision to choose Turns was based on careful research and demonstrations, ensuring it met Top Wash Limited's unique requirements. This strategic choice was coupled with comprehensive staff training, aligning employees with the company’s services tandards and operational protocols.

5.     Widening Customer Reach and Improving Service Logistics: Turns enabled TopWash Limited to extend its services beyond the immediate locality, leveraging the app and scheduling features to manage the logistics of a broader service area efficiently, thus catering to a wider customer base.


The implementation of Turns Laundromat Management Software was a game-changer, providing us with the scalability, operational productivity, and customer engagement tools we needed to not only meet but exceed our goals. It streamlined our processes, empowered our staff, and expanded our reach,